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Chari Dance Udaipur Rajasthan India

Chari Dance – This traditional dance form requires lots of skill and patience as this dance is performed with pots on the head and lamps in the hand of the dancers. In such a state, the dancers perform several flexible and graceful movements of the body. This dance is
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Ghoomar Dance Udaipur Rajasthan India

Ghoomar Dance – Traditionally, out of bound of men, this dance form was performed solely by Rajput women on auspicious occasions. Only the women perform it with their faces covered by a veil. They dance while singing traditional songs and perform circular movements
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Kalbelia Dance Udaipur

Kalbelia Dance This ancient dance form is performed by women of the Kalbelia community who, by profession, are snake charmers and trade in snake venom. This ancient dance form has dance movements similar to the movements of the serpents and hence, even the costumes are black
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